GPS Tracking for the Philippines

easytrack is built on the same German

technology as philtrack, a pioneer in web

based GPS tracking and fleet management in

the Philippines, which has operated with proven

reliability since 2008.

easytrack provides an affordable solution

for basic GPS tracking requirements and

can, at any time, be upgraded to enjoy the full fleet

management capabilities of philtrack.

With easytrack 'one stop' plans, all you need is a computer with an internet connection to be able to:

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  1. Monitoring our vehicles in real time detects unnecessary idling and has reduced overtime expenses.

  2. When the drivers became aware that they are being tracked, accidents dropped significantly.

  3. Reports are a great help to prove disciplinary cases for diverted trips.

  4. Speeding alerts helped to discipline drivers on spot.

  5. With real time SOS alerts, we can take swift action for a hijacked truck and immediately recover vehicle and goods.

  6. We could easily locate an abandoned vehicle to get it back into operation, minimizing cost and down time.

  7. I was able to detect excessive idling with a runing engine with one of my drivers, which caused high fuel consumption.


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